Part-Time & Flexible Learning

Discover part-time study at Alm College, Dundee

Did you know we offer part-time learning opportunities?

You can study during the day or in the evening, a full programme or by individual unit. This allows flexibility to fit your studies in around other commitments.

Alm College offers small class sizes, high quality teaching and a diverse range of subjects.

Who can apply?

Part-time study is designed for students that cannot commit to full-time learning but are looking to enhance their career, qualifications or for professional development.

Units are SCQF credit-rated by the SQA and can be used for career development or towards further study.

Open to all – no formal entry requirements are required.

How will I be taught?

All units are taught alongside our full-time students or they are available in the evening. Teaching will take place between 9am and 8pm Monday to Friday.

Most classes will take place in the College, there are also blended learning opportunities and social events that take place external to the College.

Starting September 2019

Name SCQF Level Credits Day  Time Cost
Introduction to Islamic Studies 9 12 Tuesdays 10.00-12.00 £240
Women and Islam 10 12 Wednesdays 13.00-15.00 £240
Introductory Certificate in Arabic Language 6 40 Mondays & Thursdays 18.00-20.00 £750
Developing Self-Management Skills 7 8 Tuesdays 09.30-11.30 £160
Managing People 8 16 Wednesdays 13.00-15.00


Financial Accounting Statements: An Introduction 7 8 Thursdays 09.30-11.30 £160
Managing Marketing Resources 8 8 Thursdays 12.00-14.00 £160
Managing People and Organisations 7 16 Tuesdays 09.30-11.30


Marketing: An Introduction 7 8 Wednesdays 13.00-15.00 £160
Economic Issues: An Introduction 7 8 Wednesdays 15.30-17.30 £160
Business Accounting 7 8 Wednesdays 09.30-11.30


Islamic Economics and Finance 11 12 Tuesdays 10.00-12.00 £240
Islamic Commercial Law 11 12 Tuesdays 13.00-15.00 £240



Part-time fee grants are available from SAAS and the College offers fee-waivers for non-SAAS eligible students. To be awarded an Alm College fee waiver, you must indicate you would like to be considered for this on your application form and submit proof of income.

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