Health Information

Register with a doctor (GP)

Find a local Doctor or Dentist here:

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International students who have paid the healthcare surcharge can register with a GP; contact your local surgery and ask to register. You will have to complete some forms and attend an appointment with a nurse or GP. Please tell the surgery at this point if you have any special requests; i.e. a female or male GP.

Register with a dentist

Students are encouraged to register with a dentist while in Dundee. You still must pay for dental treatment even if you have paid the NHS surcharge. There is a dental hospital in Dundee where they accept patients on a walk-in basis.


If you are taking medication, you should check if your medication is registered and licensed for use in the UK before you arrive. If you are not sure, you can call a practice in Dundee before you arrive. If it is not allowed, please speak to your GP at home before you arrive.

Prescriptions can only be written by a medical practitioner and are dispensed at a pharmacy, usually called a ‘chemist’. It is possible to buy over the counter medicines for minor ailments from the high street chemist.  

If you have an out-of-hours medical question, you can call NHS 24 on 111 for advice. If it is an emergency, then you should call 999.