Previous Open Lectures

Some of our previous lectures are available to watch on YouTube. Please click on the speaker’s name to watch the lecture.

Public Lectures for 2015-2016

2015-2016 – Lecture series booklet

Date Name Title
15/09/15 Prof. Joseph Alagha
Haigazian University, Beirut
Islamic Movements and Artistic Bodily Expressions in the Public Sphere
22/10/15 Prof. Humayun Ansari
Royal Holloway, University of London
The Historical Tapestry of British Muslim Experience: origins, development and diversity
17/11/15 M. Iqbal Asaria
Adjunct Professor of Islamic Finance, INCEIF, Malaysia
Muslims in Europe – Past, Present and Future
18/02/16 Prof. Reina Lewis
London College of Fashion
Multiculturalism and Leadership: fashion influencers as interfaith communicators
17/03/16 Prof. Mehmet Asutay
Durham University
Defining and Framing Islamic Moral Economy
21/04/16 Prof. Zahia Smail Salhi
Manchester University

Orient and Occident: seeing through a convex mirror

Public Lectures for 2014-2015

2014-2015 – Lecture series booklet

Date Name Title
14/08/14 Ms. Ratna Osman
Sisters in Islam, Malaysia
Are Women and Men Equal Before God?
09/10/14 Prof. Antony Black
Dundee University
Christian, Islamic and ‘Western’ Political Thought: similarities and differences.
13/11/14 Prof. David Thomas
University of Birmingham
The History of Christian-Muslim Relations: can we learn anything?
29/01/15 Dr. Nuri Tinaz
Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey
The Changing Patterns of Religiosity and Conservative Life Styles in Modern Turkey.
12/02/15 Dr. Jenny Berglund
Södertörn University,  Stockholm, Sweden
Islamic Education in Secular Societies.
12/03/15 Dr Dirk Hartwig
University of St. Andrews
Negotiating Covenant, Prophethood and Redemption in the Qur’an.
09/04/15 Prof. Tony Lang
University of St. Andrews
Islamic Constitutionalism.
14/05/15 Prof. Philip Goodchild
Nottingham University
Theology of Money.

Public Lectures for 2013-2014   

2013-2014 – Lecture series booklet

Date Name Title
12/10/13 Prof. Mohammed El Gomati
University of York
Islamic Science: inventions that changed the world
14/11/13 Prof. John Anderson
University of St. Andrews
Believing Russia: Orthodoxy, Islam and Vladimir Putin’s ‘Managed Democracy’
12/12/13 Prof. Alison Scott-Bauman
University of Derby
The Flawed Legacy of Ibn Rushd and Aristotle: modern philosophical insights for the twenty-first century
21/01/14 Dr. David Cheetham
University of Birmingham
Scriptural Reasoning and the Meeting of Abrahamic Faiths:  an aesthetic politics of religions
13/02/14 Dr. Lloyd Ridgeon
University of Glasgow
Medieval Sufi Women
27/03/14 Dr. Haifaa Jawad
University of Birmingham
Sayyid Qutb:  from liberalism to fundamentalism, a reading of some selected literary works
28/04/14 Dr.Shuruq Naguib
Lancaster University
What’s in a Metaphor?: rhetoric, poetics and meaning in pre-modern Qur’an interpretation
08/05/14 Prof. David Bradley
University of Abertay, Dundee
The Science and Technology of Exploration