Open Lectures

The Al-Maktoum series of Open Lectures are free and open to all. Inviting speakers from all over the world and delivering enlightening lectures on topics related to religion, Islam, Muslims and interfaith relations, the lectures aim to establish a bridge between Muslim and non-Muslim communities and societies.

Open Lectures for 2017-2018

Date Name Title
26 October 2017 Prof. Andrew Newman
University of Edinburgh
Safavid Architecture: speaking to a multi-constituency polity in pre-modern Iran
16 November 2017

Building Bridges Symposium

Prof. Mario Aguilar
University of St AndrewsANDDr. Joshua Ralston
University of Edinburgh
Interfaith Dialogue: experience and art


Bearing Witness: a framework for Christian-Muslim dialogue

01 February 2018 Rev. Andrew Ashdown An Exploration of Christian-Muslim Relations in Syria, Both Prior to, and in the Midst of, the Current Conflict
15 February 2018 Prof. Mona Siddiqui OBE
University of Edinburgh
Rethinking Hospitality: from law to ethics
15 March 2018 Dr Marlé Hammond
SOAS, University of London
Legacies of al-Khansāˀ: 7th century Arab poetess
19 April 2018 Dr. Andrew Bannister
Centre for Islamic Studies and Muslim-Christian Relations, London School of Theology
New Tools, Ancient Texts: computerized study of the Qur’an
10 May 2018 Prof. Tim Jacoby
University of Manchester
Islam and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria: evidence from its magazine
21 June 2018  Dr. Ayman Shihadeh
SOAS, University of London
On Good and Evil: ethical theories in classical Islamic thought. Register here

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