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Arabic Language
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Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education welcomes applications from students with disabilities or additional support needs.

[Any information you provide will only be used to identify additional support needs]

If you feel you may have a disability, special needs or a medical condition, please tick this box and a member of staff will be in touch to ask for more information.

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To help us maintain a safe and secure campus, please indicate if you have ever been convicted of a relevant criminal conviction. Only select yes if you have a conviction for offences against the person, whether of a violent or sexual nature, and/or a conviction relating to the unlawful supply of controlled drugs and substances e.g. commercial drug dealing or trafficking. Do not select yes if your conviction is separate to the assessment of your academic suitability. All applications are considered on the basis of academic and/or professional merit, and the declaration of a previous criminal conviction will not automatically exclude you from the application process. However the College may want to consider the application further or ask for more information before making a decision.


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