Prof Hossein Godazgar

dr-hossein-godazgarBA (University of Tehran, Iran), MA (University of Tehran, Iran),
MA (University of York, UK), PhD (University of Warwick, UK)

Hossein Godazgar, Professor of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, has a multi- and inter-disciplinary background ranging from qualifications in Islamic Studies (BA, University of Tehran), Comparative Religions and Mysticism (MA, University of Tehran), Practical Ethics: Bioethics, the Environment and the Foundations of Law (MA, University of York) to Sociology of Religion (PhD, University of Warwick). Under the supervision of James A. Beckford, his PhD research focused on the analysis of educational changes in Iran following the Islamic revolution of 1979, adopting Max Weber’s theory of modernity and interpretative sociology.

In the last nearly thirty years, Hossein’s teaching and research have taken place at the Centre for the Great Islamic Encyclopaedia, Universities of Tabriz, East London, York and the Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education, Dundee, where he has also served as Principal and Vice Chancellor for more than six years. As a sociologist of religion, he has conducted research on the theoretical and empirical studies of ‘religion’ in association with the various aspects of everyday life, including but not limited to (higher) education, bureaucracy, consumerism, media, pilgrimage and ethics, mainly with reference to the eastern Islamic world and Persian/Turkic-speaking lands. He has disseminated the results of his research in the forms of monograph, journal articles, books chapters and papers in international conferences. He is the guest editor of the special issue of Social Compass, the leading European journal on the sociology of religion, on Religion and Change in Iran in 2007.

He is currently on a sabbatical leave and as a Visiting Professor of Sociology at the University of Warwick focusing on writing a monograph on Social Theory, Religion and Bioethics to be published by Brill. His latest research in this area explores the conceptual changes in the ‘religious’ language of ‘suicide’ in the Islamic tradition in the last eleven hundred years and its possible implications for the (lack of) acceptability of physician assisted suicide. He has recently been elected the co-representative of Asia and the Pacific on the Board of the Research Committee 22 (Sociology of Religion), International Sociological Association (2018-2022).

Research Interests

Social theory and religion; social theory and moral philosophy; sociology of morality; religion and practical ethics/bioethics; religious pluralism; religion and globalization; Islam and multiple modernities; Islam and (higher) education; Muslims and Europe; Iran and the Middle East/Central Asia.   


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