Dr. Ata Rahmani

Ata Rahmani holds a PHD in company law, a Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL), L.L.B. and L.L.M degrees in private law. He joined the Al-Maktoum College in late 2016, after years of academic activities in Chamran University, Iran, where he served as an Assistant Professor of Law, having been engaged in teaching and research in the area of commercial law broadly defined. He designed, developed and delivered the following courses in Islamic Law: Islamic Law of Persons, Islamic Law of Property and Ownership, Islamic Law on General Principles of Contracts, Islamic Law on Extra-Contractual Liability,  Islamic Law on Nominate Contracts: Sale of Goods, The Law on Commercial Transactions and Businessmen, Islamic Law of Partnerships and Companies, Islamic Law of Commercial Instruments, and Islamic Law of Insolvency and Bankruptcy, Islamic Law on Banking, Commercial Law for non-law disciplines, Legal Research Method, Comparative Corporate Law, Islamic Law of Co-Operatives, International Law of Stock-Exchange Markets, International Arbitration and International Bankruptcy courses.

He has supervised, and been advisor of many post-graduate dissertations and was a member of the Editorial Board of the Iranian Journal of “Knowledge of Law” and is currently a qualified lawyer of the Iranian Bar Association. As well as his engagement with the Al-Maktoum College, Ata also currently teaches commercial law and business organisations courses at the University of Glasgow.

Ata has conducted several research projects while in higher education and after. As part of his PhD program at the University of Glasgow, he carried out a number of comparative research projects under the supervision of Prof. Davidson and Prof. MacNeil. Some of these projects were the basis of articles which were published by various peer-reviewed journals. Most recently, he published a research paper titled “Allocation of Tort Liability Between Companies and Directors: The Missing Link” (Feb 2016). Also, he published two books in the field of companies and the law of insolvencies investigating the subjects comparatively in the Islamic law and the laws of England, France, United States and Iran. They demonstrate and examine Islamic as well as international laws relating to companies, corporate governance models and the personal and corporate insolvency regimes. Below is a list of his publications:

  • “Corporate Governance and Its Limitations”, (2012), 1st ed., University of Chamran Publications, Ahvaz, Iran (Book).
  • “Payment in International Trade”, (2012), 1st ed., Johar-e-Hayat Publications Co., Eilam, Iran (Book).
  • “Allocation of Tort Liability Between Companies and Directors: The Missing Link” International Company and Commercial Law Review, (2016), Issue 2, 37-47.
  • “A Comparative Study of the Scope of Majority Rule in Corporations: The Case of England and Iran”, Academic Journal of Knowledge of Law & Research, (2013), No. 1, pp1-34, University of Chamran Publications, Ahvaz, Iran.
  • “The Law of Bankruptcy: National, International and Comparative Perspectives”, (2013), 1st ed., Jungle Publications, Tehran, Iran (Book).
  • “Shareholder Control and its Nemesis”, International Company and Commercial Law Review, (2012), 23, Issue 1, 12-23.
  • “Directors’ Liability for Mismanagement: A Call for Better Decisions”, The Juridical Review, (2007), Part 1, 27-52.
  • “A Comparative Study of Justifications for Majority Rule in Corporations: The Case of England, and Iran”, International Company and Commercial Law Review, (2007), Volume 18, Issue 8, 279-294.


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