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The College

What is the Al-Maktoum College?

Al-Maktoum College is an exciting and innovative development in teaching and research in the Study of Islam and Muslims. The College is an independent research-led place of higher education.

Our Patron and Sponsor is HH Shaikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Minister of Finance of the United Arab Emirates, whose vision for multiculturalism is at the heart of Al-Maktoum College.

Al-Maktoum College is not a religious organisation. We are an academic higher education institution examining the fields in the Study of Islam and Muslims.

We are a college that promotes a greater understanding of different religions and cultures in a multicultural context, for the benefit of the wider community and to build bridges between the Muslim and Western worlds at this crucial time.

Multiculturalism is at the centre of our vision and structure. Our multicultural ethos is visibly translated and implemented in our day-to-day operation. Our staff and students come from diverse national, cultural and religious backgrounds including Muslims and non-Muslims. We believe that there is an urgent social need – both locally and internationally – for all elements of society to be engaging within the debates on the study of Islam and Muslims, and to be doing so with each other within the same classroom.

We are also working practically with many areas of contemporary Scottish society and beyond to develop a better picture of a Scotland which is integrated as both ‘one nation and many cultures’.

Why Choose the Al-Maktoum College?

Al-Maktoum College is a unique, independent, research-led centre of higher education for the Study of Islam and Muslims.

Al-Maktoum College is a unique institution in many ways:

  • It is based on the vision of HH Shaikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum for multiculturalism, cultural engagement, and mutual understanding and respect.
  • Al-Maktoum College offers a unique new agenda for the Study of Islam and Muslims, aiming to develop the subject area to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.
  • Studies at Al-Maktoum College are designed as post-orientalist, post-traditionalist, and multicultural, the approaches are interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary.
  • Our programmes are unique, innovative and quite distinct.
  • The College is relatively small, which allows for intense academic training and a friendly atmosphere; students form a lively community inside and outside the classroom.
  • Excellent facilities at the College foster successful studies.
  • Al-Maktoum College is not a religious organisation. We are an academic higher education institution examining the fields in the Study of Islam and Muslims.
  • The College is located in multicultural Dundee and maintains vibrant ties with the local and national communities.

The Al-Maktoum College works to build bridges between communities at all levels, in particular between people across the world at this crucial time by providing a unique and innovative academic environment and community for learning, teaching and research in the Study of Islam and Muslims.

This vision helps the College to establish its strategic agenda in the Study of Islam and Muslims as post-orientalist, post-traditionalist and multicultural.

One of the College’s aims is to provide a meeting point between the Western and Muslim worlds of learning and to encourage and forge international links, scholarship and academic co-operation. In our effort to achieve this, Al-Maktoum College aspires not only to provide teaching of the highest quality, but also to act as a national resource in the Scottish and UK context for consultation by government bodies, public organisations, industry, business and the media.

A very important element of the College’s teaching is a commitment to pursuing a better understanding of multiculturalism and the issues that cultural and religious diversity provide in the twenty-first century globalised context.

Career Prospects

A qualification from the Al-Maktoum College is the gateway to a wide variety of professional careers. Depending on previous education, professional experience and interests, our students are qualified to work in government services at local and national levels, diplomacy, as consultants and project workers in development cooperation, in non-governmental and international organisations, the voluntary sector, social and charitable organisations, and in numerous other multicultural contexts.

Another wide field open to graduates from the College is the field of education – be that at school, college, or university level – and social research in private, commercial, or governmental organisations.

The courses at Al-Maktoum College are designed to equip the students with the skills and the knowledge to be able to face and constructively deal with the challenges of our contemporary world. During the course of your studies you will acquire key transferable skills of critical analysis, communication, presentation, team-cooperation, independent work, research, management, and other areas, which will be useful in a variety of professional contexts.



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